The 16Q Method helps you express your latent potential, improving your skills over time.


Tried and true, no outlandish “overnight success” promises.

Hard work is not enough to guarantee a rewarding career


→ To achieve greatness you must accurately focus your efforts and avoid wasting your time


→ There is no sure-fire recipe for success, but to future-proof your life the only safe bet is a path of constant improvement and evolution


→ Regardless of what your activity is, the 16Q Method starts by analyzing your potential, and then guides your career towards the best possible result


→ The online Coach will monitor your progress 24/7, guaranteeing you achieve concrete and permanent results


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Mario B.

“I had no money to pay for a coach, but one day I was browsing the web and found the 16Q Test. I must say it’s helped me a lot in overcoming the insecurities that always held me back. Incredibly useful.”

Ashley M.

“I discovered the 16Q Test through a friend who sent me the link to try it for free. After trying it out, I realized how much it could help me. Without wasting any time, the graph and advice from the Digital Coach immediately helped me focus on concrete targets.”

David W.

“For a while I had been searching for someone who could help me improve my performance in my line of work. The 16Q Test was a pleasant surprise, as it really helped me put my ideas in order and focus on my strengths.”

Sofia D.

“I heard a friend speak enthusiastically of the 16Q Test and out of curiosity gave it a try. Despite having no expectations, I found that the Digital Coach really gives you great insight into what you are like and which areas you can improve to be successful in business. It’s so inexpensive that it would make no sense not to use it.”

Chris R.

“Like many others right now I’ve been thinking about changing my job and starting on a new venture. I read several self-help books but found it hard to put what I read into practice. With the 16Q Test and its Digital Coach, on the other hand, I immediately received the right advice that helped me make the most of my skills and improve my weaknesses.”

Jacob F.

“I’ve always been very lazy and this has affected me: at work and in life. I had heard of the 16Q Test but I honestly didn’t think I would see results so quickly. The graphics and tips are constantly challenging me to improve myself and to strive for my personal success.”


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Monitor your progress

The Digital Coach compares your results and clearly displays your progress, highlighting the shortest path to unleashing 100% of your success potential!

Your trophies!

The Digital Coach analyzes your current result and points you towards key aspects to work on, guiding you towards achieving gold medals in all areas of improvement!

Targeted advice

For every medal you obtain you will have specific tips that will guide you towards specific areas of improvement. Your pathway to success will be clear to you!

All your history is saved on file!

At any point you can look back and track data and graphs from previous tests. This feature gives you full insight into your progress and the pathway to your success!

Flexibility is key!

The Digital Coach can help you in every aspect of your life. You can leverage its power in any activity. Success will redefine your life!

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This feature allows you to participate in a social network with other users, allowing you to compare, share and monitor results. If you love teamwork this will make your pathway to success even easier!

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